Working from basic sketches or a specification we will create site set up images of your development, from this we can animate logistics and explain the various elements of the set up to include : the number of cabins and their location, hoarding lines, turnstile access, gates for access and egress, security and banksman positions, safety routes on / off the site, crane locations and sizes, ramps to basements, tree protections etc.

Working with a full 3d model of the building we will add the time elements and the construction sequence to match your programme as agreed with your planner, this will show all areas and will include from the start on site date through to handover. The model will show the methods of construction and the sequence you propose.
Our 4d model will correspond with your programme to provide accurate images and an animation explaining the whole construction period. The animation can be paused at anytime and will provide a snapshot in the programme to indicate where you will be at a projected date, this will give your client the confidence that you have thought about their project and considered the methods available to deliver the project on time and within budget.
From the model created we can provide a number of monthly images and key date images in the programme that can be included in the bid documents, the animation is then produced and can be used to explain and discuss your proposals with your client team in a visual form rather than discussing 2d drawings and a programme.

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