We require drawings of your scheme with a brief indicating your requirements and we will provide a competitive quotation. Pdfs are fine for a quotation but once the project has been commissioned .dwg files are the preferred format, we can also work with your Revit model if one is available, a workable model will speed up the process and reduce costs, check with your Architect if they have one if they are happy to release it.
Working from the information provided an accurate 3d model is created, we will model the whole site if an animation is to be created or just what you see if only certain views are required, white card images are provided for comment to agree angles and general massing and detail, materials are added as per the specification provided and lighting added to suit the type of image required. We will send these through for any final comment in a low resolution format, final comments are then included and then we will render high resolution and apply any final touches in photoshop. A high resolution image is then issued for sign off for you to use.
We will then take the model and produce animations, panoramic tours and Virtual Reality if required.
Animations usually take time to render as these have to be sent through to our render farm to be processed, we can outsource this if the time is against us but to keep costs down we have an in house render farm consisting of 15 machines, this ensures we can handle 99% of deadlines in house and have full control over animations and rendering times.

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